Binarisasi Citra Menggunakan Pencocokan Piksel

dipublikasikan pada Jurnal Ilmiah FIFO, Universitas Mercu Buana, Jakarta
Volume VII/ No. 2/Nov/2015 (ISSN 2085 4315)
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The binarization to separate between object from background of image is necessary. The problem is background of image has variations of color. Its needs process to differentiate object with its background that has variety of color. As the pre-processing of computer vision, the segmentation need be done as simple as possibly that not waste time and effort to do that process. Every pixel at the image has value that will produce color at the image. To simplify image recognition process, the color must change to the simple format as the binary image format. By this simplify can be gained object of image by reduce the background. Image binarization process do by matching the pixel between image contain background only with the tested image. The matching needed range of value to decide that the pixel contain of background or contain of object. Pixel matching can be use to separate object and background. This process has been implemented at a simple application sample to trigger the record image automatically when there are object at the image.

Keywords: image binarization, image segmentation, pixel matching.


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