Published at 2nd Information Communication and Technology Seminar (ICTS) 2006 Proceeding
Volume 1, Number 1, August 2006
Publisher: IEEE and Institut Teknologi Sepuluh November
ISSN:1858 -1633
Read Paper: ICTS2006_88_Teady Matius – Agus Harjoko_518-523_
Cover:ICTS 2006 Cover
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A Chinese character has many different forms, information in its features will have many variations. Therefore, it needs a relational database to store many variations of their features. The use of the relational database to store the sets of features enables the use of distance measurements methods while measuring the sets of feature that owned by a Chinese character to recognize a Chinese character image inputted.

The feature used in this thesis is the pixel population matrix. The sets of the features are stored and queried by using the relational database. This paper discusses about how to recognize the Chinese character image and Chinese radical image by using relational database and pixel population matrix.

Optical character recognition, relational database, population matrix, Chinese character Recognition.

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